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War veterans who suffer physical and emotion illness frequently suffer financial hardships due to their inability to find suitable employment. Veterans Affairs (VA) offers substantial medical services and benefits to those who have suffered a disability.

Unfortunately, the VA disability benefits can serve as an incentive to commit fraud and abuse. Psychiatric disabilities, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), is one area that has seen a substantial increase of claims. One study of veterans seeking a PTSD disability claim found that 69% of those veterans scored higher for symptoms of malingering than the control group of non compensation seeking veterans on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2).

Just because someone does not appear to have a disability does it mean their claim is fraudulent. Before acting on your instincts to report fraud it is best to find out why they are receiving those benefits. If you have ever thought that someone in a handicap parking space looks healthy, but later come to learn that they are waiting for a kidney transplant, you learn not to judge by appearances. Another example is someone who often experiences seizures.

Because PTSD is not a affliction that can be measured it is difficult to determine who is a malingerer and who legitimately suffers from the disorder. There are legitimate psychological and mental impairments for collecting disability.

Before reporting a fraudulent claimant you need to understand more about their exact disability and to become familiar with the conditions/symptoms of their disability. Once you are familiar with their diagnosis and the symptoms of their disorder, then you need to consider things that are incongruent between their behavior and their diagnosis. That in-congruency is something the VA wants to know about.

You can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs’ hotline at (800) 488-8244, between 8:30 am – 4:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday–excluding Federal holidays. Write the VA hotline at: VA Inspector General Hotline (53E), P.O. Box 50410, Washington, DC 20091-0410. Or contact them by email: vaoighotline@va.gov

The types of complaints the VA hotline accepts:

  • Employee misconduct.
  • Patient abuse.
  • Serious safety violations.
  • Theft from VA beneficiaries.
  • Theft or misuse of Government property.
  • False claims by beneficiaries, claimants, patients, employees, or contractors.
  • Systemic problems with VA programs or operations.
  • Gross waste of funds or official time.

The VA hotline will want to know:

  • The particular VA facility or office involved.
  • The identity of the wrongdoer(s) and victim(s).
  • The alleged legal or policy violation(s) or other misconduct.
  • The effect of the wrongdoing, such as dollars lost, delay produced, etc.
  • The date(s) when the event(s) occurred.
  • The identity of any witness(es) to the event(s).
  • Copies of relevant documents that support the allegation.
  • Whether anyone else has already reviewed the allegation.
  • An address and telephone number of a named complainant and whether the complainant wishes confidentiality.

The VA does NOT want to know about:

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  • Just A Thought June 23, 2015, 7:37 am

    I can see why the VA is getting some bad press, when from what it appears to me is that many of the comments posted are abusive to the veteran, that is being Rat Packed by a X wife and / or X friend or both with regards to having PTSD or some other injury from serving this great nation, (which means they at one time signed a contract payable with his or her Life) so many veterans do lose their lives due to PTSD here at home, the doctors do what they can do with the time they can spend with the Vet. if you know a Vet with a diagnosis of PTSD maybe take 10 min. and learn about PTSD and just maybe you will see a different person? and I know that not all veterans served honorably or had his buddies blown up or what ever one thinks or sees their hero as, we are not all the RAMBO type, some of us carry a brief case, or operate drones, or just pass on the orders, all of US are a part of a team, from DoD to VA, and all records are kept, and the professionals serving us after our enlistment is up, are the best at what they do. so STFU and go to your nearest VA hospital and volunteer, maybe you will see the price we pay, or take a stroll through on of our cemeteries and look at the inscriptions on the markers, and think about how yours will read.

  • joey June 25, 2015, 11:47 pm

    I hear so much about veterans taking a so called free ride on the system and if a person does that kind of activity then he or she should be held accountable.What about all of the doctors,nurse’s and va personel that commit all kinds of what i would call abuse.They or should i say some are just taking a free ride in the va system.When they should be helping people they get the what do you want today look! Some of the people that work at the va and i will speak as a whole do nothing that make veterans lives miserable.There are some veterans that PAY OUT IN TOWN to see a doctor because of the harsh disrespectful treatment.You will have to excuse my grammer i have trouble with words and things i will try and do a spell check.My point being when you see a veteran and you pass judgement you should take into consideration that there could be other factors involved.There is a veteran that i know that is service connected if you were to see this person on one occassion you might think how does he get disability from the va.However what you dont see is this person is housebound and has severe panic attacts and major depression disorder,GAD,agorophobia,and several other severe impairments oh and did i say has to do his shopping at 3 or 4 a.m. because he says he just cant handle the people.He is afraid to go out in public like a normal person but this is just an example of how you think a person might not have anything wrong there could be a bigger picture that your just not seeing. Think about that,this person be it he or she goes in the military right out of highschool with no impairments and comes out a completely different person not to mention what this person could have lost or suffered along the way.Yes there should be things in place to weed out people that ride the va system INSIDE AND OUT………

  • robert a. June 27, 2015, 2:53 am

    they’ll yell at you and if you complain to the patient advocate they’ll flag you for it. I’ll never go to the VHA again. Those doctors are the worst malingerers in the world. waste of tax payer money.

  • FBI July 3, 2015, 2:13 pm

    My daughter’s ex-boyfriend recently discharged from the Marines. He served in NC at an Armory, fixing electronics, etc. His wack mother put him up to it, supposedly, to claim PTSD from being exposed to explosions from being around the armory. He never left the USA. I on the other hand, went to Afghanistan 5 times (short visits). I came under fire the last time and even heard the Phalanx Gatling guns shooting at the mortars. I never felt threatened. But I’ve never been exposed to the horror of combat or witnessing friends/comrades die around me like TRUE PTSD victims experience. I’ve seen the TV shows how dogs help those victims and their stories. It has to be very tough for them and their families and my heart goes out in prayer to them. But this ex boyfriend…What a piece of shit! Using a known issue to free $$$ at the expense of true PTSD victims….Gotta work this out.

  • James July 5, 2015, 9:50 am

    I want everyone to know that yes there are many who are on VA justified disability and justly so. My gripe is there are [my guess] 20 times as many who are abusing the system. I am a Vietnam vet who lost a brother in the conflict and several friends as well. I have many friends who draw some % of military disability knowing full well that they are not military related. Hell I was even approached and told i should apply. How could I live with myself and go to my brothers grave, knowing so many sacrificed everything so that many could greedly benefit?

  • Joe July 6, 2015, 7:18 pm

    I am a Viet Nam army vet and am appalled by 42 yr old air force get who is a neighbor. He never was injured due to service connected issues. A motorcycle mishap while serving qualify you for disability! He collects 70% butis able to ride his dirt bike in the desert and brag about his 20 ft air and other stunts. He rides acrotch rocket daily has a 10 inch lifted truck he jumps in and out of rebuilds carry’s bends over his classic car to change motors. He is nothing but a drug addict being supported by the VA. THIIS IS PLAIN FRAUD!!!!!!!

    • Jon July 22, 2015, 5:37 pm

      I could not agree with you more Joe. I have a neighbor who never saw battle yet is on full disability and still runs his own portable sawmill along with doing all kinds of construction getting paid under the table .
      Along with all kinds of other things that you would think somebody with such a debilitating back injury he would not be able to do. It infuriates me when I know so many who really need the help are being cheated out of it by these fraudulently criminal phonies. The one I know I have even heard sells some of his meds for money also. It’s deplorable.

  • San July 8, 2015, 10:36 am

    It’s sad when some say they get 100 percent disability because of a head injury and migraines and never have to work again. But this guy just does not act disable he lights firecrackers, rides a motorcycle, climbs on roofs, rides a riding lawn mower, has parties, buys a big boat, drove a rig well on disability, I can understand if something was wrong with the man yes to get disability but there seems like nothing is wrong with him. There maybe but he sure don’t act like there is, because with migraines you would not be able to do all of this. I just wonder sometimes.

  • Matt July 8, 2015, 8:39 pm

    This really bugs me. I know guys that have literally lost their left nut for this country and kept going back. Then there is guys like my ex wife’s husband. He told me he volunteered to deploy to Iraq while enlisted as a MP with the Navy and he crashed his vehicle screwing around. He claims 100 percent PTSD with brain trauma and unemployable. He claims he cannot legally drive, can’t do math, and can’t be in large crowds. He gets 4,000 a month and his wife gets 1,000 a month to take care of him. The problem with this is he can and does legally drive. He trained to be computer graphics designer which requires a lot of math and scripting skills (I’m a comp. tech. and know this). His wife works all day and he works all night (under the table). He participates in renisance fairs regularly (huge public events). He claims on his graphics design page he is in “early medical retirement”. He sits around all day smoking weed and playing video games. He was a spokesperson for the local pot dispensaries when the county moved to ban them (its all over the internet). As far as his “PTSD” comes off as is someone who is bipolar and has a big mouth. I have hung out with several vet friends whos’ ptsd went as far as boarding up there doors and windows and avoiding any interaction with anyone except a chosen few they were comfortable with. Whenever I see these poor homeless vets on the street it pisses me off that people like him are the cause of true disabled vets not getting the care they need. I think people like him are a disgrace to this country and our military.

  • Ben July 9, 2015, 8:36 pm

    I know this guy that collects 100% disability (over $4,000 per month). He was in Vietnam as an Airforce military police. He saw no combat and no violence at all. He said all he did in Vietnam was to go to village to village screwing all the whores. He had a good time. Two years ago he started his fraudulent path to obtain disability by going to the local VA Hospital and faking every one of his so called disabilities. He lied to the phychiatrists and to all his doctors. They fell for it and now he’s got it made for the rest of his life. What a joke. Me and all the tax payers in the US are paying this bum to have the good life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. And he brags about it all the time. He’s proud of himself. This is nothing but fraud.

    • Cindy July 11, 2015, 1:22 pm

      Ben- Your comment, “Two years ago he started his fraudulent path to obtain disability by going to the local VA Hospital in San Diego, and faking every one of her so called disabilities.” I know a woman who is a social worker at the VA and has the definite know how to lie to the psychiatrists and to all her doctors. They never bother to check her background of alcohol abuse, DUI and assault…a known alcoholic-and this is a social worker…pretty scary stuff, when a social worker is allowed to abuse the VA system! The VA ignores complaints.
      Yes, we the tax payers are paying for their free rid-literally, this woman has 3 motorcycles and a Mercedes.
      She brags about it all the time as well and is quite proud of herself. This is nothing but fraud…..

  • Donald S. July 13, 2015, 12:15 pm

    Ryan M. –needs investigating. Drawing VA Disability for back but has held a job since coming out of the military. Several but keeps getting fired for not showing up. Can play in summer softball leagues swinging the bat, running, fielding the ball. But is drawing VA Disability for back. We’ve heard that he’s addicted to pain pills and uses both local prescription and VA.

  • Rob July 16, 2015, 9:17 am

    You know I believe if you deserve compensation, then you should receive it. But hear near a major army post in Texas, it’s ridiculous. Top of the line fancy cars,SUV’s, Harleys,Boats, etc. is nuts. I feel like i’m at Boca Raton, Fla. or somewhere. The fakers I see everyday are too ashamed to even park in the handicapped spot, even though it’s empty. Most dress head to toe fully color-coordinated-top of the line stuff. When I was in the military, you were hard-charging, didn’t whine or complain. You suck it up and drive on. Now you get a substantial tax-free check for life after your first enlistment if you claim disabilities. It used to be you had to do 20 years to get this kind of money. Why retire when you can live free on your enormous disability check.

  • Cindy July 16, 2015, 11:23 am

    Thank you all for stating the Fraud cases you have witnessed. LET’S HOPE THE VA OIG IS PAYING ATTTENTION TO THESE POSTS!!!!! One thing I believe GREED catches up to you in the end!!!!! PLEASE….. DoD AND VA OIG LOOK INTO THESE CASES!!!! I have reported Corinne Ho…..,too many times to mention, a social worker full time within the VA Healthcare in SanDiego. It is not okay to take advantage of the VA system !!!!Veterans need to respect people in need and NOT greed!!!!! Check out”Pearl Heart” on Pinterest to get the full picture of where all your tax money goes. Ridiculous!

  • Rob July 16, 2015, 4:54 pm

    I agree with Cindy. Something has to be done. Fully loaded ZO6 Corvette, F-250 King Ranch Edition Dually 4×4, Bass Boats, Mercedes Benz E through S Class, Class A R V’s, New Harleys, BMW’s, Porsches, and a Bentley, etc. courtesy of you the taxpayers are owned by these fakers. You name it, they got it. Don’t forget about their homes. A couple of “friends” of mine are “upgrading” since they got their 100% rating. Both are physically fit and workout every day and ride their Harleys on the weekend. They constantly brag how dumb the V.A. system is for paying for their lavish lifestyle while a Viet Nam Vet I know deserves disability rides a raggedty bike in the heat and cold where he needs to go. Such a shame and crime. I just overheard this guy today in the grocery store tell his girlfriend she gonna get a new BMW this weekend, since her 2013 Honda Accord is too old and he got his 100% rating. “That should fit well with his new E-Class Mercedes”, he said. Most of these fakers have 2-5 vehicles, nice homes, RV’s, and Harleys, etc. They’re using the V.A. system like a gigantic A.T.M. machine. V.A., OIG, F.B.I., and DOD Fraud division are you monitoring these POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  • Henry S. July 19, 2015, 2:48 pm

    Retired navy person receives disability for bad back and feet.
    But is able to ride horses and play softball.
    My tax money being wasted

  • Anon July 21, 2015, 8:40 am

    I feel that some of these posts are greatly exaggerated. Assuming I made TDUI for Migraines, I’d only bring in $3100 a month. Seeing as how I live in Northern VA, Rent for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom is $1500. My $18,000 car at 1.9% interest rate is $400 a month, internet is $100, electric/gas is $180, $200 a month in food at the minimum (assuming I don’t eat out). These aren’t even all of the bills of an average adult, yet I’m already at $2300ish. I’m sure if I added property taxes, insurance, unplanned expenses (a night out for a movie, or a broken appliance), etc. I’d likely not be able to live the exaggerated lifestyle you guys discuss.

    I think the only way it’d be possible is if I had a spouse who made a lot of money, but then we’d have to add in her bills, her car payments, her debt, her schooling, etc. Or if I lived in an area where the cost of living is at the lowest. I just feel that the VA itself doesn’t give them enough to be “lavish”. Only additional income from a spouse would make their live’s lavish. If an individual is caught working and making over the poverty line while TDUI, that is illegal. They will match his income with the IRS to ensure everything checks out. If he’s doing it under the table, the amount of money he’s bringing in likely isn’t even worth the effort of reporting.

  • Ashley July 24, 2015, 5:40 pm

    I just want to begin that I believe that VA is a great organization if only they employed more intelligent staff. I know many Vet’s that receive money. My mother-in-law served in the Navy for one tour. She fell off a ladder onboard ship and suffers from seizures. She went to school for her masters degree (after her injury) for Social Work and quit the semester before graduation. She receives 100% VA assistance, VA helped purchase her a $120,000 home, and a top of the line sewing machine for a hobby for her.

    She suffers from many ailments including PTSD. She lived in the VA home that they purchased (loan) for one year before a leak occurred in her basement. VA kindly paid her $20,000 to get it repaired properly. She pocketed the money and instead of following her bids she paid her brother to repair it for her for $500. Sadly it wasn’t repaired and she left her home and abandoned it to the elements. When VA caught on that she no longer lived there they asked many questions but they found the home completely covered in mold.

    Since she allowed her home to be foreclosed on she has struggled to make enough money to live off of. She receives $3500 from the VA and still collects from SSD. She sold her sewing machine. She rents houses and lives in them for less then six months. She purchases new vehicles on a monthly basis but it’s sad that she doesn’t actually own a car. She has taken so many cash advances that her benefits no longer help. So she started a new hobby of selling her medicines to bad people. (One even hit her in the head with a cast iron skillet). She is educated enough to know how to cover her expenses by selling jewelry at flea markets and fairs.

    I understand that she deserves disability benefits but my problem with VA is that even though she suffers from violent seizures they still allow her to drive. She pays her registration fees every four years and done so without any red flags. I have tried to speak with the VA because I worry for my mother-in-law but VA still allows her to drive.

    I have helped to pay her bills when she can’t do it herself. She has rent of $600 for a two bedroom house. Has a $50 phone bill that keeps getting lower of she pays on time. A car payment of $350. Her renter insurance and car insurance is just under $450. Her credit cards and cash advances are what hurt her…

    I care for my mother-in-law but a few weeks ago, she suffered a Absentee Seizure while driving with my child. She almost killed both of them. I told her that I don’t want her to drive with my children – not until she is 6 months seizure free. Since this, she HATES me. She has called animal control, child protective services, and code enforcement on us. I don’t want any revenge on her because I know she needs help but the VA will not listen. Her case worker doesn’t care for her welfare. I just hope someone could help her… maybe someone will listen and hopefully not to late.

  • Larry July 28, 2015, 1:22 pm

    I was told by a guy that before his check ups he doesn’t shower for two weeks and when asked ?’s, he acts like he is crazy so he can keep his 5000.00 a month rolling in

  • laurenj July 30, 2015, 7:00 pm

    I have been separated from my husband for almost are whole marriage (almost 10 years) I just found out he has been claiming me and our daughter this whole time. He is VA disabled and now collecting 100% over 3000 a month. I have never saw a dime of the money. He has never paid child support. He works as a tattoo artist and only gets paid cash so he won’t have to claim it on his taxes. He moves place to place to avoid a divorce and child support. You want to talk fraud I have plenty. I don’t even know where to begin. I am shocked someone can live this way and not take care of their responsibilities.
    He served his country and I was always proud of that. 4 tours in Afghanistan. I just don’t know what happens to these men when they have had there fill of war. PTSD is such a common thing now. It’s really sad to see someone you care about return no longer whole. All that aside it does not excuse taking care of your responsibilities.

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