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Researchers used an unique approach to target immune suppression with human umbilical cord blood cells to improve the pathology and cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease–based on a study involving mice genetically engineered for the neurodegenerative condition.

Jun Tan, PhD, MD, and colleagues, performed a series of low-dose infusions of human umbilical cord blood cells into mice with Alzheimer’s like disease. Remarkably, the level amyloid plaques–associated wit Alzheimer’s–were reduced.

The blood cell therapy was associated with suppression of CD40-CD40L activity, which suggest this approach regulates the activity of the immune system. The potential to target pathogenic inflammatory response may contribute to the treatment of a variety of degenerative conditions–including Alzheimer’s disease.

Tan’s paper is titled, Peripherally Administered Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Reduce Parenchymal and Vascular Beta-Amyloid Deposits in Alzheimer Mice and available as a PDF.