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The issue of insurance companies having access to your DNA is a debate that has been tossed around in Washington for several years now. In one corner are those who argue rights to privacy and in the other corner are the insurance lobbyists who argue it is little more than the medical exam you are now required to provide.

Insurance lobbyists are determined to change the law. Currently they hope to have the law changed in the United Kingdom next year. You can be sure that insurance companies oppose any laws that will prevent their access to DNA information.

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) passed the house 420 to 3 this past April. The bill prevents insurance companies from using DNA to discriminate and prevent from setting contributions or rates based on DNA.

In the Eye On DNA article, Do Insurance Companies Have a Right to Your DNA?, Professor Richard Ashcroft and Professor Søren Holm debate the issue.