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When it comes to using medications and/or herbals the old saw “too much of a good thing” is something that should be accompanied with a skull and crossbones. Sometimes it is a simple matter of avoiding certain foods and at other times the combination of medication creates a potentially deadly chemical cocktail.

You probably thought that the form you signed when picking up your prescription at the pharmacy was just to show that you had picked it up. That isn’t what you are signing at all. That form you sign is a release that says you gave up your right to discuss with the pharmacist how and when the medication should be used as well as being informed about possible interactions with other medications. In other words if you suffer dire consequences because of how two or more medications interact it is your fault.

In case you have waved your right to discuss possible interactions of the herbals and medications that you take with your pharmacist there is a web site that will help you. Over 5,000 herbals and drugs are listed with a possible 11,500 interactions.