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How you can unwittingly help disability insurance companies deny your claim

You have probably seen surveillance footage of a fraudulent disability insurance claimant who claims to have a bad back, but is caught on camera lifting a heavy carton. What the cameras do not show is the legitimate disability claimant who is denied benefits by their insurance company. Unless you know someone personally who has been […] Read more


How ERISA makes your long-term disability policy worthless

Chances are if you have a long-term disability (LTD) insurance policy it falls under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) guidelines. If that is the case then know now that if you ever become disabled and file a LTD claim there is a chance you will be denied your benefits after a year or […] Read more


Long-term disability insurance — fiction or fact?

Benjamin W. Glass’ book Robbery Without a Gun, is a thin book as books go. Even though modest in length the message speaks volumes—and one that you should seriously consider getting your hands on if you have a long-term disability (LTD) policy or have recently become disabled. If you are someone who has never been […] Read more

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Court agrees bipolar disorder is physical and not just mental

Initially, Jane Fitts had been paid disability benefits because her bipolar condition prevented her from working. After 24 months of receiving disability payments they suddenly stopped. The reason given is that the insurance company considered the bipolar disorder a ‘mental illness’ and as such she is no longer entitled to disability benefits. Fitts sued. The […] Read more


What are your rights regarding medical files?

The department of Health & Human Services provides information about your civil rights regarding your medical files. Available topics include: Introduction General Overview Incidental Uses and Disclosures Minimum Necessary Personal Representatives Business Associates Uses and Disclosures for Treatment, Payment, and Health Care Operations Marketing Public Health Research Workers’ Compensation Laws (PDF) Notice Government Access (PDF) […] Read more


Drug companies declare war on “Sicko”

Release of Michael Moore’s, Sicko is a week away and drug companies prepare to counter attack claims made in the film. They feel the American health care system has been unjustly characterized as ‘sick.’ One issue they have with the film is that Moore doesn’t pin down what works and what needs to be improved. […] Read more


SSDI process for psychiatric applicants

In 1996 slightly less than half of all Social Security disability claims were approved. Of the claims that were approved approximately 28% of them were for mental disorders. Every year there is an increasing number of SSDI psychiatric claims. The problem is because few psychiatrists feel competent in making a determination to render a professional […] Read more


Swedish man gets disability benefits for addiction to heavy metal music

Roger Tullgren, 42, loves his heavy metal music. Last year he attended nearly 300 concerts. He missed so much work that he was unemployable. When occupational psychologists counseled him they offered a solution—to classify his heavy metal music addiction as a disability, which gives him a wage supplement. Since qualifying for disability he has been […] Read more