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Denied LTD

I am in the process of trying to get my LTD denial overturned. I have several chronic illnesses including CHF, Diabetes, Bipolar, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, and I also wear a ICD for my heart.

I worked for my company for 4 yrs. The last 2 of which I worked while experiencing near death circumstances. I applied for Social Security and was approved the first time. But my LTD is finding whatever way they can to deny me the benefits of which I paid into.

Not sure how you can help, but I have been searching for someone or some where I could get some help with this.


I have yet to talk with anyone who feels that they were treated respectfully as they navigated through the web woven by Social Security Disability and Insurance Companies. Getting a good attorney to fight either is a task unto itself and in many cases a hit-or-miss proposition.

The major problem with LTDs is ERISA. Often claimants who have a policy that falls under ERISA guidelines discover that few (if any) attorneys will accept the case because it falls within the purvey of the Federal court system where punitive damages are not allowed. Don’t accept anyone’s word for it. Ask an attorney to explain what is and isn’t possible and if your LTD is under ERISA rules. Whatever you do only work with an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours–that is in my opinion a prerequisite.

The one book (it’s also on Kindle) that everyone has said helped them the most with Social Security Disability is Benjamin H. Berkley’s, “Win Your Social Security Disability Case.” Highly recommended!

Good luck and report back as you run the gauntlet.