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Cognitive health has been added to the risk associated with obesity caused disorders.

Researchers have convincing evidence that dietary practices throughout adulthood are important contributors to age related cognitive decline and dementia risk. Adults with diabetes are especially sensitive to the foods they eat with respect to cognitive function. Specifically, an adult with diabetes will experience a decline in memory function after a meal, especially if simple carbohydrate foods are consumed.

Exactly what or how the physiological mechanisms underlying these dietary influences are not completely understood. The researchers suspect that the modulation of brain insulin levels is the most likely cause.

Researchers recommend a diet high in fruit, vegetables, cereals, and fish that are low in saturated fats is a good way to reduce the dementia risk caused by diet. Their findings suggest that weight maintenance reduces the risk of also developing obesity associated disorders, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are also believed to be important in preserving cognitive health.