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Money Saving Pro’s Guide to SSDI Benefits

In the unfortunate event you contract an illness or suffer an injury and are unable to work, Social Security disability benefits provide you with supplemental income during this difficult time. However, applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a confusing process if you haven’t done it before. Luckily, this guide will go in-depth to […] Read more


Former SSDI examiner spills beans

Tim Moore, and his wife, are former disability examiners. Currently, his wife works as a field office claims representative–the folks who take disability applications. Moore has a passion to share the truth with those who need it most–the folks filing those disability applications. Two facts that Moore claims the current SSA commissioner, Michael Astrue, understands […] Read more


Long-term disability insurance — fiction or fact?

Benjamin W. Glass’ book Robbery Without a Gun, is a thin book as books go. Even though modest in length the message speaks volumes—and one that you should seriously consider getting your hands on if you have a long-term disability (LTD) policy or have recently become disabled. If you are someone who has never been […] Read more

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Prez Bush gives thumbs down to expanded child health insurance

President Bush has vowed to veto a bipartisan plan to extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program to include coverage for 4.1 million non-poor children who are currently uninsured. The cost would about double the total current expense, over a 5-year period, to a total of about $75 billion […] Read more


SSDI and disabled veterans

Disabled Veterans are entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), but they still must meet Social Security’s definition of disability. Basically, if a Veteran is unable to work for physical or emotional reasons, and for at least a year, they may be eligible to receive benefits. Even if the service member receives pay they still […] Read more


Phone solicitors for the cancer fund

Fortunately, Federal law requires that anyone calling you to sell you something, collect past due payments, or ask for donations, are all required to display Caller Identification (CID). The only real exception is when there is a glitch in the system, and due to no fault of the caller, their CID does not appear. The […] Read more


Tips on getting SSDI benefits

Sadly, when applying for Social Security Disability benefits learning what your rights are is something you learn after the fact. Even then, chances are, you may never know what you missed out on. Disability Secrets is one of the most complete web sites and will walk you through the process and explain what your rights […] Read more


Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are difficult SSDI cases to win

As Sandra M. Klepach’s article in the News-Hearld reports, chronic fatigue (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FMS) sufferers have diseases with symptoms that are not objective, which makes it difficult to win Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The Social Security Administration says that pain and fatigue illnesses “are medically determinable conditions.” In other words it is […] Read more


What are your rights regarding medical files?

The department of Health & Human Services provides information about your civil rights regarding your medical files. Available topics include: Introduction General Overview Incidental Uses and Disclosures Minimum Necessary Personal Representatives Business Associates Uses and Disclosures for Treatment, Payment, and Health Care Operations Marketing Public Health Research Workers’ Compensation Laws (PDF) Notice Government Access (PDF) […] Read more


When to appeal SSDI denial and when to open a new claim

Statistically when applying for SSDI benefits chances are you will be denied. A denial leaves you with three choices: Accept the denial and forget it. Appeal the denial. Make a fresh application. The first consideration is why you were denied. If it was for a technical reason, like you are still working and making too […] Read more