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Ayurveda is an ancient approach to well being through diet, exercise, and mind. Although few in the west are familiar with Ayurveda it has been a major movement for thousands of years in India.

Experts in Ayurveda see diet as the cornerstone for managing fibromyalgia. They claim fibromyalgia patients are under increased oxidative stress and there is research that shows antioxdants may be helpful in reducing the problem. Research also shows fibromyalgia patients are sensitive to aspartame, monosodium glutamate, and benzoates. They suggest that fish oil is a good supplement and be certain that your diet contains a variety of vegetables. One approach is for your diet to have daily at least one red, yellow, and green vegetable.

According to Alan Logan, naturopath, “The real focus should be on herbs that have an adrenal tonic effect, also known as adaptagens. They help the body to adapt to stress and boost the immune system, like licorice root, also a good anti-inflammatory, and a wonderful herb from India called withania root, [good for] stress, pain and inflammation. North American ginseng is good as a general restorative herb. Classic anti-inflammatory herbs include willow bark for inflammation and pain, Jamaican dogwood and meadowsweet. Passion flower is good for the nervous system and muscular pain. Also, rosemary, both internally and externally. You can also do a gentle massage using essential oils of lavender or rosemary.”

Blair Lamb, MD, says, “Certainly all kinds of breathing and relaxation techniques are going to help. Feldenkrais helps you use your body in a more balanced way. You learn to reduce the effort, so circulation will improve. People with fibromyalgia are usually very uptight and in discomfort. An exercise to reduce stress and even out their emotional state would be extremely beneficial. The simple exercise of abdominal breathing, watching your breath, allowing the belly to gently expand and contract, imagining a balloon in the belly that expands to 360° (not just pushing out the belly) and focusing your attention on your breath, then developing that focus to a state where you can actually direct the breath to different areas of your body can create a release.

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