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Mayo rheumatologist researcher Kevin Moder, M.D., led an investigative team for alternate ways to reduce inflammation flare ups in patients with Lupus. The disease causes inflammation of connective tissues that can involve the skin, joints, and kidneys. The cause is unknown.

The researchers evaluated mycophenolate mofetil (MMF), an immunosuppressive drug used in organ transplant cases. There were 88 patients involved in the 2 years study. Researchers studied patient histories and data on lupus flares going back 2 years. Average age of the patients was 44, and they had lupus for an average of 10-years. Most of the patients were women.

With MMF was the number of lupus flares were reduced from an average of 155 incidents to 99 after treatment. Severe flares showed a more significant improvement with a dramatic drop from 98 incidents to 54 after treatment.

A few patients were also taking prednisone and they reduced the use of the anti-inflammatory drug.