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Mark M., 36, thought he was going to be able to out-wit a Provident Life and Casualty insurance adjuster. He lied about his medical and psychological history on the disability insurance application. The adjuster became suspicious when he phoned the number Mr. M. provided for his boss and quickly realized that he was really speaking with Mr. M., who was attempting to disguise his voice and pretending to be his own boss.

Mr. M. now faces a criminal fine up to $15,000 and 5 years in prison. He may also face civil insurance fines.

The surname has been removed by request of Mr. M. He has fulfilled his punishment and seeks to put this event of poor judgement behind him.

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  • Megan S. February 26, 2013, 12:01 am

    Hi my name is Megan and i wanted to talk to somebody about my dad his name is j. z. he was in the navy but i was told that he was dishonorably discharged because he was caught doing drugs so how is it that he is able to recieve money for a veterans pension when he had a dishonorable discharge the thing that worries me though is him and his wife were living with my grandpa and my grandpa was honorably discharged im just hopeing he isn’t using my grandpa’s name or taking an advantage of my grandpa’s indenty by stealing it just so he can get money