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Ian MacLeod’s blog tells the story of the spiral downward that so often happens when someone experiences chronic pain. His story begins on a Saturday morning that starts like every other Saturday morning except for the pain in his left leg. Was it the result of a little too ambitious Spring yard care? His concern grows as the pain becomes more intense. It’s Saturday and the family doctor isn’t available, so it is off to the emergency room.

The doctor shakes his head as he squints at the x-ray. “The x-ray says you’re fine. Take some Motrin and take it easy.” Feeling ready to erupt into a hot flow of expletives, Ian assures the doctor that the pain is real and he needs relief. Immediate relief.

The story is an amalgum of Ian’s experiences spread over 23 years. Anyone who has done the chronic pain dance with physicians knows the song. It begins like an old television episode of Dragnet except instead of Sgt. Joe Friday grilling a suspect where he was at on the night of… it is a doctor grilling a suspected druggy in search of a fresh narcotic supply.

Read Ian’s story and if you are one of the countless chronic pain sufferers you’ll identify with his plight. If you are fortunate to be pain free you’ll pray that it never happens to you.