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Death By Prescription

Death by Prescription, by Ray D. Strand M.D., tells how Americans were once protected by the Federal Drug Administration, which now acts more like an advocate for the pharmaceutical companies than a guardian for the general public.  There was a time when Americans could feel protected by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). It was a time when only 3-4% […] Read more


What Pfizer does not want you to know

The Whistleblower, by Peter Rost, M.D., reminds me a lot of those Chinese finger traps you might have played with as kid. You stick a finger in each end of a bamboo woven tube and the harder you struggle to free yourself, the more difficult it is to escape. As adults, we know the secret […] Read more


Selling Sickness: How the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients

In the 6th grade a group of us decided to play a practical joke on classmate, Tommy. Each of us approached Tommy and while staring at one of his earlobes asked him if he felt okay, because it looked like he had epidermis. His response started out with a healthy, “Yes,” but after being asked […] Read more