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Fortunately, Federal law requires that anyone calling you to sell you something, collect past due payments, or ask for donations, are all required to display Caller Identification (CID). The only real exception is when there is a glitch in the system, and due to no fault of the caller, their CID does not appear.

The Cancer Fund has hired FA Telemarketers to solicit donations on their behalf. Most people are happy to give money to such a worthy cause, but their intentions are squashed when it comes in the form of a telemarketer.

Currently the number being used to solicit Cancer Funds is: 800-293-1268.

If you would like to be removed from the FA Telemarketers phone list you can call: 313-565-5901. People who have called to request their number to be removed from their list report that the person they spoke with was very polite and agreed to remove their name. It takes several weeks for the process to be completed—so, be patient.

A complaint can be filed directly with the National Do Not Call Registry at their web site. If you haven’t already placed your phone number on the DNC list and would like to, then visit here.