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When Dr. David Dryland began his rheumatology practice he found that he identified with one group of patients. At the time those patients suffered what was loosely defined as fibromyalgia. It was a perplexing experience that he was unable to effectively treat his patients or himself.

He set out to find the cause and treatment of fibromyalgia and believes he found it. According to Dryer, the one thing that fibromyalgia patients seem to lack is adequate dopamine and that is a result of an imbalance caused by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It is the ANS that regulates a person’s reaction to stress that is commonly referred to as “fight or flight” reflex.

The key to controlling fibromyalgia, Dryer feels, is to restore the depleted dopamine caused by the “fight or flight” adrenaline reaction. The path to recovery begins with simple steps: get plenty of sleep, reduce daily stress, eat a nutritious well-balanced meals, and exercise daily. As easy as the basic steps sound, the doctor is aware that they are easier said than done in our stressful lives.

Some people also benefit from the use of certain medications, like pramipexole (Mirapex) and ropinirole (Requip), though they have not been sanctioned by the FDA for treating fibromyalgia.

His book, “The Fibromyalgia Solution,” can be found used on Amazon.