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According to Janie M. Laubscher’s article, Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits, explains that the Disability Determination Service process applications in 3 main steps. 1) Review submitted application to get an overview of your case. 2) Formally request needed medical records for review. 3) Your application and supporting medical records will determine if you are eligible for disability benefits.

The time that it takes to complete the application usually takes considerably longer that described on the form–and it should. Accept that you are applying for disability benefits because your are disabled. It is normal for people to want to downplay their injuries, but this is not the time or place to minimize how you are suffering. It is a time for specifics. If you can no longer reach for a can of soup on the top shelf of the grocery store, let them know. You might want to consider keeping a journal for a couple of weeks that keeps track of everything that you can no longer do, pain that you suffer, and other related details.

Detailed medical information is also important as is detailed work experience. Take your time filling out the application. In fact it is a good idea to make copies of the application to use as worksheet.