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Seaneen describes herself as a manic depressive who, on some days, suffers from her bipolar disorder and on other days ‘just has it’. For her it is all a matter of perspective.

She is quite articulate about her experience with Bipolar Disorder, which makes for interesting reading. Like many disorders, diseases, and conditions that cannot be determined by a blood sample or MRI scan, her diagnosis was more a process of eliminating what it was not rather than what it is.

What is impressive about Seaneen is her inquisitiveness to understand the process of her mental disorder. Her article, Is Bipolar Disorder a Form of Epilepsy? is a good example of how she weaves technical research material with her personal experiences so that it puts a human face on information that is otherwise emotionally disconnected medical jargon.

You’ll find her site listed under Disability Happens’ Recommended Blogs.