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The thought of elective surgery for Fibromyalgia patients can be daunting; considering that surgery was often the onset for their developing Fibromyalgia in the first place.

The Oregon Fibromyalgia Team offers helpful tips for FMS patients preparing for elective surgery.

  1. If an endotracheal tube is anticipated request a soft neck collar.
  2. Request that your arm with the intravenous line be kept near your body.
  3. Request an opioid or morphine related drug 90 minutes pre-operation to reduce central sensitization.
  4. Request a long-acting local anesthetic into the incision area. This minimizes pain impulses reaching the spinal column.
  5. Let the medical staff know that because you have Fibromyalgia you will need a longer than usual duration of post-operation pain medication.
  6. Expect a longer than usual recovery time from you surgery, including extra time for physical therapy.