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I have a Unum Long term disability policy, I became disabled and unable to work for several reasons. Unum paid me for 7 yrs and then decided I was no longer disabled. I sent them update reports MRI, Nerve study showing them my problems have gotten worse not better and they don’t care. If you are smart you will not sign up for long term disability insurance since they are protected under ERISA and we are protected under….NOTHING

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  • David August 26, 2013, 11:56 am

    Dear Disappointed UNUM policyholder,

    I question why you would tell people not to sign up for LTD insurance? You became disabled and were paid income for 7 YEARS.

    I can understand your disappointment when finding out it they would no longer pay you (the benefit). There are certainly many different carriers who offer Disability Insurance (DI) and some are better than others. Some have many loopholes, clauses, and exclusions in the language of the contract and others just plain cover you for the duration of the benefit period as long as you still have medical proof you are disabled. I work with all carriers of DI, but the best one is Guardian/Berkshire. Where most carriers have pages of text on “eligibility for benefits claims”, Guardian lists only a few lines of text.

    I recommend EVERYONE get some form of individual DI as well as group coverage through their employer because without income, nothing else happens. I would also recommend you have a lawyer look over the language of your original policy to see if you have a case. Good Luck.