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A draft of a report for the Veterans Disability Benefits Commission, prepared by CNA, states that disability payments favor older vets. The report reasons that vets 65 or older benefit from having a post-service career. The report goes so far as to say that older vets disability benefits are set too high.

CNA surveyed more than 20,000 vets. The report says that younger vets are more likely to be dissatisfied with VA disability payments. They suggest the younger vets are disgruntled because of financial struggles in addition to having to deal with their disability.

According to CNA disability benefits are about right for a vet applying for service related injury at the age of 55. However, VA disability benefits fall short for younger vets. The vets who fair the worse are those under 45 years-old and unemployable or 100% disabled.

Overall, the CNA report finds that younger disabled vets are not appropriately compensated for their loss of earnings and lower quality of life.

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  • john e. January 11, 2014, 2:23 pm

    What does age have to do with it=those on SS have earned that benefit by contributing financially to it=When a military vet has put their life on the line for this country during time in service. They were ready to risk their life during a military conflict or not=. they were ready to do their duty to protect this nation=so age has nothing to do with it =if they deserve Va benefits then pay them as before and do not reduce their disability compensation