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where has all my money going ?

I have been in the same relationship since 1985. we were very good at different things . I liked to plan trips aand John use to do all the bills. But it was great for years but I started to get asked how much i payed for my electronic bill. I would not know.
Pushing things forward to now I on SSID and 100 % va compensation. They put in the report that due to the fact my partner did the avings account, He said it all went to bills. Now he put into a thrift savings plan for work also a credit union account. He also has a dean witters account growing bigger all the time. Now he does not tell me the amounts of any accounts. Also I made some stocks and bonds investments and it see to have done well. Now john and i have not been doing well for about 4 years. I feel he has had the statements sent to him and has made himself in charge of the trusts . you can not even look up a trust to find out if it is yours. I think he has other people involved in this scam . I am ssking you to have his computer seised and a accountanting done or i will never get the answers i need. I can not do this my self i had a blunt force head trauma and have bi-polar and dimencia at times not now. I could have a great future if i was able to track my finances. I only have about 5 more years . Please help me ronald g.

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