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Bipolar disorder often first appears in young adults and may affect as many as 20 out of 1,000 people. As the name bipolar disorder implies, mood swings go from extremes of depression to that of giddiness or excessive energy. Symptoms include weight loss, sleeplessness, and in extreme cases, visual and auditory delusions.

According to Alien Sheng, in his American Chronicle article, brain cell damage can occur when the bipolar symptoms are left untreated. Sheng proposes using yoga breathing techniques, in addition to traditional medical treatments, to help control Bipolar symptoms.

Sheng finds that yoga techniques help reduce bipolar mood swings and reduce anxiety. He also feels that with the frequent practice of yoga the bipolar patient helps reduce the amount of medication needed to control the disorder.

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  • David November 13, 2007, 11:43 am

    I found the same thing — yoga keeps my mood lifted out of the abyss, but also keeps my feet on the ground so I don’t go sailing off into a mania.

    I’ve been able to cut out all other meds besides a mood stabilizer, which has been scaled back 50% under a doctor’s supervision.

    Yoga has been so effective I decided to become a yoga teacher — it’s what I do now full-time, and it’s very fulfilling to be able to share what has been so meaningful for me with others.